About This Blog.

A Blog Based On My Experiences As A Science Enthusiast And A Budding Physics Graduate

The Animals Will Know!

Like humans did many thousand years ago, will in the future, another specie also become self-aware and intelligent as us, and embark on the quest for knowledge? Like our partners, or perhaps competitors.

Terrorism & Religion

Is it right to blame just one religion for all terrorism? Does terrorism have a religion?

Venus: ‘Hot As Hell’

Venus, our sister, our nearest neighbour, and the hottest planet in Solar System. But above all, a world of nightmares and uniqueness.

Can Mass Be Negative?

Can mass be negative? Negative mass liquid has been invented, and it is just as weird as you imagine. Physics has geared up!

Lightning: Hauntingly Beautiful

Lightning and thunder might be creepy, but they are definately beautiful. While looking at some photographs of them clicked by a friend, lets learn too!