Physics Disapproves Ghosts! Argument Settled!

Ghosts are more fake than this image.

We all had our share of ghost stories when we were little kids. Stories we heard from our mothers and grand mothers, of ages old, of ghosts lurking in our world, for revenge, for fun, or for reasons untold. Sharing these stories with friends was a nice and spooky pastime. I personally remember talking about similar ghost stories with my friends, specially when we used to return late at nights from school practices, which made the trip back home interesting. One thing that remained after these talks, was the curiosity to know whether these stories have any truth to them. Arguments over the existence of the ‘paranormal’ are centuries old, and we all have our sides on it. This argument was, well let’s say, still a hot one, until now. An eminent scientist, finally gave an experimental answer to this question of the existence of ghosts, completely based on scientific and logical grounds, using one of the most accurate and strong theory of physics and the biggest experiment ever. The answer? No. Physics disapproves ghosts, and this time there is strong evidence!

British scientist, Brian Cox( pictured above; left) recently gave his argument against the existence of ghosts whatsoever, in an interview which was also attended by another famous scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson(pictured above; right) . Now before I let you into his argument, let me make you familiar with a little bit of physics. One of the most accurate model of the Universe ever proposed is ‘The Standard Model’, which dictates the existence of certain particles, which are responsible for the make-up of all the matter around us (like quarks, electrons, muons) and particles responsible for the existence of forces and the interaction of these forces with the matter around us ( like gluons, photons, W-bosons etc), which have very well-defined qualities. The validity of this model has been tested to sky-reaching accuracy in the biggest science experiment yet – The Large Hadron Collider in Geneva Switzerland. It uses ultra high energetic beams of protons to collide and from the collision release other particles and then studies the data and parameters from these collisions to see whether the particles are as predicted by the standard model, and till date every particle discovered matched the predictions and fitted perfectly in the model.

The Standard Model

Now here is the argument. Professor Brian Cox argues that the existence of ghosts isn’t predicted or allowed by the standard model. Ghosts as argued are said to be in some other dimension around us, and that we cannot live in that dimension, at least till we are alive. But ghosts seem to interact with the things in this dimensions and sometimes with us too, and when they will. Now this interaction must require a force particle, or a boson, which will enable them to interact with the matter around them. This particle should have some very well-defined features and properties. But no such particle is predicted by the standard model, and also none such particle has ever been found in any of the high energy colliders of this planet including the LHC. Now this means two things, either the standard model, one of the strongest models of physics known so far, is false, or ghosts simply do not exist!

The CERN Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland

With my experience in this field  of study, I would bet on the latter. Now, if that offends you in any way, I am sorry, but you need to find some other logical and scientific explanation to your ghost stories and incidents, because the biggest experiment in the history of Earth has no evidence in support of your claims. Ghosts are not real, and now we have a scientific argument and evidence against it ! (not that we did not before, but now it’s more clear, and stronger). Perhaps all those stories you heard never happened in the first place, or perhaps you watch a bit too many horror shows. Whatever the reason may be, sorry for ruining ghost stories and movies for you, but hey, Knowledge is better than ignorance! Be logical, be scientific, be wise! Happy Reading !


-The Cosmogasmic Person


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