Starting A Blog Has Been My Best Decision of 2017. Here’s Why.

It was just one of those normal days when I would wake up in the afternoon after sleeping around 4 or 5 in the morning, and as usual, the first thing I did was to log in to my Facebook Id  and see what’s happening. As I scrolled down, I came across this post, “This is why you should start blogging!”. I was still sleepy, and with half-open eyes I read the post in a hurry, reading the main highlighted lines, and then back to scrolling through other posts. At then, I did not pay much attention to it. But a few days later, I was in college, alone, waiting for my friends to come. It was in this time I casually started thinking about all the stuff that is going on around me, in my life.


Now, I should mention here, in my first year, I had lots of free time, and I used it to watch movies in the free time , read books, surf the net, a lot, and other things among studies. To my fascination I read almost 15 new books that academic year, and that is a huge thing for me, because I developed this habit of reading quite recently, in class 11 or 12th. But, because of uncontrollable circumstances, my finals were shifted almost two months ahead, and so my second year started almost three months late, including the holidays. Now combine this lack of time in this academic year with the poor performance in the first, I was and am, very stressed out concerning this years results, and accordingly I hardly did anything other than studies. While, I was thinking about how less time I dedicate on things for myself, like reading and knowing more about advancements in topics like science and cosmology(yes, I am a nerd 🙂 ), I remembered the Facebook post.

“You know how creative people are, we have to try everything until we find our niche.”
― E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

I thought that I should give the idea a try, I might find myself a hobby. So, I returned back to  my place that afternoon, with my friends, and told them the idea. They were supportive and so I made my first ever blog, The Cosmogasmic Person, on WordPress. Cosmogasmic is a term I came up with, similar to orgasm, like food-gasm is for foodies, cosmo-gasm is for people like me, we are intrigued by the cosmos, and we are cosmogasmic. Now, comes the difficult part. I had created one, but I had no clue what to post, so as a way to delay this, I decided on writing my ‘About‘ first. Here, I gave the most general idea I had in mind. I see how hard it is to stay on time with college assignments, and also find free time to read magazines, books and stay updated on the latest news in the field. The advancement is very fast and its hard to stay updated on all facts, so here I was to share the latest news that excited me, along with ideas and general topics  that I find interesting and intriguing, and sometimes I will post my own personal experiences, thoughts and ideas.

The Cosmogasmic Person

At first, I thought I would run out of topics, so I would post  just twice a week. But as it turn out, since I made this blog I have become more and more aware of the science around me, and the latest news emerging. And thus began this amazing experience of sharing these ideas. My first post was , Are we a hologram? , which for a first timer like me, had quite a good response. So, the journey began. The best part? Just yesterday I posted my first book review and while writing it I decided, no matter how busy I am, I am going to find at least an hour or two, maybe at night, to read a book. I decided to read at least one book a month, and since I resumed reading The Hidden Reality by Brian Greene, which I left in the middle because of exams and never got to resume. I am so happy with it, this blog inspired me to start reading again, I take out time to write,and when I do so, I research my topic, which in turns increase my knowledge even more, I AM LEARNING NEW THINGS, and that too at a faster rate. To make my posts clear to the general audience, I try to be as simple as possible which clears my concepts too. Above all, I came across other similar blogs, which are amazing, and give me some ideas on how I should write and convey. Even though some of my posts hardly get any views, and this might join them, for the few of you who read them gives me enough encouragement to write another, and another.

Don’t let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things. Believe in yourself. Do what you love. And most importantly, be kind to others, even if you don’t like them.

-Stacy London

As of now, I have so many things going on my head that I want to write about, but I owed it to this post. I wrote my first personal post a few days ago. Personal section has my own thoughts, and sometimes ideas, that come to me often when I spend the night staring at the stars(which quite frankly, Calcutta isn’t the right place for, I miss Dehradun. Light pollution sucks). Since, I have written three of my ideas and thoughts here. This blog also reduced my time on social networks, not so much, but still. I spend more time, learning and researching. Writing helps a lot. It can be anything, a completely personal blog, a science based blog, or a mix of both like mine, or any hobby  you like. It’s an amazing experience, interacting , sharing and knowing the ideas out there. Thanks to everyone who has read my posts, liked them, and are reading this one. Thanks. Happy Reading, and if you haven’t started blogging yet, I suggest you do!

PS: Please continue supporting and sharing!

-The Cosmogasmic Person


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