Book Review: The Hidden Reality – Brian Greene

A book that makes you think. Think so much, that after finishing it my head hurts so much, because all I can think is what is happening in the other multi universes? Am I really inside a simulation? Is this reality?

The main topic of the book is multiple universes, and since Brian Greene himself is a string theorist, he has given more footing to the String theory. Starting nicely from the Big Bang, and explaining how Inflation predicts the presence of multiple universes, we travel to the world of strings, and branes, and the existence of multiple dimensions! The theory does not predict them, but REQUIRES them to exist. We learn about the multiple universes in The String theory. Universes that oscillate between a new beginning and an end. The book in a very simple fashion explains the development of relativity and the cosmological constant. DID YOU KNOW THERE IS NEGATIVE ENERGY AND ANTI-GRAVITY!! 

The last chapters were my favourite and the most crazy ones. So crazy, at one point I had to stop reading and close my eyes because, I could not concentrate anymore, what I was reading was making me think a lot, and it was giving me a head-ache. These chapters were about Quantum Physics, the possibility of new worlds emerging from ours. THE QUESTION OF HOW WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE EXPERIENCING IS REALITY! Like do you know this is real? What if aliens or someone has kidnapped you and is giving accurate electric shocks to thr right areas of your brain to make you think you are reading this and experiencing this reality and the past memories you have? One chapter deals with the question of our universe being a simulation in a computer, and also a hologram. It mentions about proven mathematical results supporting them!

This book surely will give me sleepless nights. I challenge you to read the book, and stay sane for a day after reading it. I don’t believe you can. The book requires a bit of attention, but the author has explained everything using very simple everyday situations and hasn’t gone in details deeper than required. This is surely a book you should read if you want to have nights and days of wonder, on the reallity of ‘the reality’, on your existence, on the universe, and much more. I loved this book a lot and will suggest it to anyone who want to know about this stuff, and is a beginner.

“When you realize that quantum mechanics underlies all physical processes, from the fusing of atoms in the sun to the neural firings that constitutes the stuff of thought, the far-reaching implications of the proposal become apparent. It says that there’s no such thing as a road untraveled. Yet each such road—each reality—is hidden from all others.”

I will be writing about some topics I came across and undoubtedly my personal ideas and thoughts after reading the book soon.

Next book: Physics Of The Impossible-Michio Kaku (PS It has the science of phasers, energy sheilds, death stars, teleportation and much more)

-The Cosmogasmic Person


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  1. We met Dr Greene & it was one of the most exciting experiences for the whole family. he is an amazing lecturer because he is brilliant but speaks in a manner that all understand & is pretty funny.
    We just started following your amazing blog!


    1. Shantanu says:

      I am so jealous of you right now, !! And He does explain things so elegantly, i love his writing style. Yes, I followed back, and btw, he met your whole family? So are you guys like some famouse science family? 😛 I so envy you man!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No were not a famous science family…lol.
        That would be nice though. He was a speaker at a university & we travelled to see him. Looking forward to your post & looking forward to your comments on the girls post.
        Science is amazing🚀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Abinotronix says:

    Iooking forward to read this .

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