This Is Why You Should Be Familiar With High-School Science Basics.

Coming across people who glorify pseudoscience has become a common experience, especially on the internet, people easily trust what they see, without cross-checking just because it fits their own bias and ideas. They don’t want to be wrong, and are lazy to put efforts in checking whether the claim, or news they are reading is in-fact factual, or not. Just last week I read a post on WordPress, where the author called the mass-energy equivalence ‘crap’ and advocated that water isn’t matter but a ‘miracle energy’ because it has no logical explanation for its properties, like why it does not squash other objects like other hard matter does(dude, seriously?!). When I took to explaining him basic school level science, he stuck to his argument that water is energy and matter cannot be converted into energy, and ended the conversation by saying that I should not feel stupid because it took him time too to learn the ‘truth’ and that even the moon and stars are not real(Seriously, what’s wrong with the education system?!). And, that is when this blog-post became a necessity. If this makes even one of you change your biases based on science, I will consider this a success.


So what is the major cause for such ignorant behaviour? I think, it’s the communication gap, between the scientists, and the people. Say a group of scientists observed that a particular chemical killed a portion of cancer cells in a test environment, in a petri-dish. When they report these findings, as a potential medicine for ‘that particular cancer'(yes, cancer is of several types, it isn’t one disease that can be cured by one miracle medicine), news agencies in their way to have an attractive headline post that ‘ A Cure To Cancer Has Been Found!’, which is false, and this makes the common man on the receiving end a victim of ‘mis-communication’ and now he has wrong information that a chemical has been found that cures cancer, but apparently scientists want to keep it a secret because MONEY! This is how conspiracy theories come up. People need to understand the basic science behind everything, or at-least most of the things around them to not be fooled into believing utter nonsense.


Not to forget how most of us overreact on the term ‘chemical‘. EVERYTHING AROUND YOU IS A CHEMICAL!! Basic Chemistry. Water, oxygen, the nutrients in your food, and all that is, is a chemical. Just because its name is hard to pronounce doesn’t mean it will necessarily harm you. Everything can kill you in excess(above critical) amount, be it excess water, or a few teaspoons of apple seeds(they contain a cyanide compound). Also, the properties of elements and their compounds are different. Like hydrogen and oxygen are gases, but water is liquid in room temperature. SO, even though mercury can kill you, thermasol(its compound) present in vaccines in less than dangerous amounts cannot kill you, because completely different chemical properties.

Then there are people, so weak in their basics that they claim THERE IS NO GRAVITY, THE EARTH IS FLAT, and sometimes even that THERE ARE NO OTHER PLANETS!! How can someone be so ignorant? This group of people thinks scientists are paid for an opinion or are fooling us. But how can so many people around the world be fooling you by the same thing and what advantage does it do to them?! It takes almost 8-9 years for a Ph.D, and that is because the subject has so many theories and rules. Scientists just cannot write a paper claiming something. There is harsh peer review of every claim made in the community, and after such criticism and repetition of results is that claim verified. Read, how these things are verified, how we know that planets exist, and stars are not illusion or that the earth is NOT FLAT! (If I explain everything in this post it can get very, very long)These are basics. This author I mentioned above says that the moon and stars aren’t real. Can you imagine? The kind of education we are heading towards? People like him communicate their views to others, and the worst part is without evidence or actual ‘research’. You yourselves stay in the comfort of your bedrooms, and research through ‘youtube videos’ and ‘internet’ where anyone including they themselves and me can post anything, and then filter all that suits your belief, but question the studies and research of scientists that take years to be done and verified. That is an insult to their contributions. If it weren’t for these people, we would still be in the stone age. 

Superstitions are harmful

You cannot filter facts from science. Science is one cold-hearted bitch. And you got to listen to it, because it wont always agree with you, but what it says is based on evidence, EVIDENCE! It feels bad to be proven wrong, but that is the first step towards being right. There have been faulty theories in science, but when evidence was found against them, they were discarded. That is why no matter what you think it will be right. This author says water isn’t matter but energy. Well. It just hurts my brain to even try to put myself in his shoes, i just fail to find a reason why would that be. Even if I did believe that, when presented with studies that present a case against it based on evidence and peer review it is my duty to change my belief. Science is needed to be developed, and that wont happen until and unless everyone thinks the ways science does, and accepts that there is no shame in being wrong.

Scientists get no money whatsoever for ‘conning’ you. Ironically, they are struggling for financial grants to continue a research. If the ‘Big Pharma’ or ‘Global Warming Scam’ was actually buying ALL the scientists, they wouldn’t be depending so much on funds, and it wouldn’t be politicians who are rich. People seriously would listen to a politician or artist who has ZERO knowledge whatsoever in the field and have a die-or-kill dedication towards the belief but will not trust the scientist, who is an expert in his area and studied hard for a decade to even start a research(not as a student). Just because he isn’t popular? Well he would be, if people cared to be educated by the right people, appreciate science shows and science education just as much.


Sometimes, science is seen upon as a subject for nerds, and so ‘uncool’. Really?! The fact that you are calling science uncool and boring shows that you are not trying to understand it or your basics aren’t clear. Sometimes, when the teacher is dull, he kills the interest of the child. But that isn’t my concern here. Science is cool enough to build wearable gadgets, gps, lets you see the atomic world, SAVE YOUR LIVES, ‘show’ that electrons can exist in more than one place at the same time, and theoretically you too, and so on. You should first read about how things work, from ‘science’ books and libraries. Understand. Encourage yourself and the young ones around you to question everything, but when presented with evidence and logical facts, accept the new information. Science has done a lot for us, and it’s just time we return the favour. Calling scientists as con-men is an insult for human knowledge itself. Do not fall for everything you come across the internet. GMO’s are safe, Vaccines are safe too, Earth is NOT flat, EVERYTHING is a chemical, scientific theories are proved and correct, and its easier to change your views than you think it is. Got any questions? Ask them below. My understanding of branches other than physics is not very deep and technical, but I can perhaps explain other-sciences related  questions in a basic manner. Happy Reading!

-The Cosmogasmic Person.


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  1. Scott Levine says:

    Great post, and great site. I can’t wait to look around your site more. Thanks for following Scott’s Sky Watch!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shantanu says:

      Always ready to follow interesting science sites! And thanks a lot


  2. Amit Misra says:

    My experience was worse. Two gentlemen were loudly discussing the contribution of science : “Absolutely nothing! They couldn’t even make gold in lab. All this waste of money!” Amusingly, they made this remark while sitting in a train compartment. Fortunately, that was one of very few such experiences I had.

    I think a lot of responsibility is on scientists and researchers — they need to open up and spend some time communicating science with general public. That is why I always suggest young students and researchers to discuss their work with others, especially people outside their field of study.


    1. Shantanu says:

      Yes exactly, btw gold can be created at accelerators by bombarding lead with electrons and protons, but yes ignorant people won’t understand. If science wasn’t there, nothing would exist. People need to be open minded and understand the concepts. Sad.

      Liked by 1 person

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