Degrees Matter. But Enthusiasm Matters More.

We have all been to schools, and studied under different teachers. Some of the were very funny, some taught very well, some were strict and then there were some, who let us say, were not exactly teachers. Now don’t get me wrong. I respect all the educational qualification a teacher has, but there is more to teaching than just degrees.

Fun isn’t just passing time with stories, but making students participate. Showing real life examples and applications.

A teacher is someone who can make you love a subject or hate it. We remember some teachers all our life, for wither of the two reasons, either they were the best at what they did, or the one you hated the most. Everyone can learn and get a degree through hard work, but it takes a lot more to share your knowledge with some one else, specially when they are very inexperienced compared to you. Teaching is not just coming to the glass, repeating out the exact same words printed in the book, solving some questions and leaving at the end of 45 minutes. It is a lot more than that. A good teacher communicates with his class, understands the need of his students, and gives examples and applications of the topic. His class is interactive. Students are motivated to participate in the class discussions, and NEVER made to feel ashamed for answering wrong. Rather wrong answers are appreciated, because they tell you about the viewpoint of the child, and you can help hi,/her mend it.

College: A place where careers are shaped.

It is not a rare incident to come across people who leave a subject just because they hated the teacher. This makes them hate the subject too. This also results in lower scores, and unnecessary harsh behavior from a teacher can result in depression too. Most of you who have been or are going to college will understand. College teachers here at my college are pretty much laid back. In my second year right now, I attend classes of only two  or three teachers regularly because they make the subject interesting. I don’t mean to shame the other teachers, I donot doubt their qualifications, but their teaching style is so ‘boring’, and just like watching a silent movie. YOU DON’T UNDERSATND. It makes me feel sleepy.

Never kill the curiosity in a student by stopping him/her from questioning

Teachers are supposed to make the students love and enjoy the subject. If I had to listen to you repeat the book, I might have as well stayed home and read the book. What is the use of having a teacher then? I am so thankful to this one Physics teacher, Mr. Ray, I had in school. He was my Physics teacher, and he was so energetic about the subject, he explained so beautifully the concepts, that I had no problem attending his extra classes on Sundays. Whereas this one chemistry teacher, he was a very rude person, just made us copy the book notes, because “We are in 12th standard so we should understand everything by ourselves”. He never appreciated questions related to topics that were already thought, because students can never forget. He actually made me hate chemistry for some time. Teachers like him force students to unopt the subject in the next class, despite the fact they want to pursue it as a career, because the teacher is making  it too hard for them.

An effort was made to guess the wrong answer too. Correct, but appreciate the effort too.

Not to mention the acts of favourism. Every child is different. A teacher has the power to make him fall in love with the subject. I love the way Professor Walter Lewin of MIT conducted his classes. Pure genius! I wish we had more teachers like him. No idea what would happen if I had to leave Science because a teacher made it too hard for me to understand and love it. But not all students are as lucky as me. Though I have some teachers here, who are not ‘teachers’ but just highly educated people, I pass my college days because of teachers like Mr. Ray and many others. Here is a thank you to all those teachers who made studying fun, and their subjects an important part of our learning routines. Have a story of your favourite or worst teacher? Share them below. And, if you are a teacher, make sure the students remember you as the reason they chose that subject as a career or hobby. Happy Reading!

-The Cosmogasmic Person


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  1. This is really a great post!
    A great teacher combines some of this qualities (even the laziness since it forces students to think) 7 comes up with a plan for the individual class & students.
    Just an opinion.

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    1. Shantanu says:

      Yes, i am glad you liked it.

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