Book Review: Physics Of The Impossible – Michio Kaku

Bringing the science of science fiction to its readers, this books is a journey to the future. Even the great scientist Lord Kelvin thought than heavier than air planes, Radio and X-rays were impractical and impossible. There have been physicists you have been firmly against the idea of atoms. But history is the proof that as knowledge increases, tasks that seemed impossible at first beautifully unfold them selves.

In this book, Michio Kaku, explains the science and technology behind the inventions of the future, like phasors, and faster than light travel. He shows us how the technology presented in films like Star Wars and Star Trek can be a reality, and mentions plots from famous science fiction novels by Issac Asimov and H. G. Wells.

He has divided the impossible technologies into three classes. Class I impossibilities are limited by our present knowledge and energy generation, and might become a possibility in a century to a few thousand years. In Class II possibilities, he includes technology that needs far more research and bending of physics laws than those of Class I, and might only be invented by a Class III Kardashev civilization, a civilization capable of harvesting the energy of galaxies. The last class, Class III impossibilities are limited by the present laws of physics. Though they are not allowed by the current laws, if they ever become possible it would require us to change all our knowledge about the Universe. Here is a classification of contents:

  1. Class I : Force Fields, Invisibility, Phasers and Death Stars,  Teleportation,  Telepathy, Psychokinesis, Robots, Extraterrestrials and UFOs, Starships, Antimatter and Anti-universes
  2. Class II : Faster Than Light, Time Travel, Parallel Universes
  3. Class III : Perpetual Motion Machines, Precognition

He describes all the current advancements already made towards the goal, and future endeavors under consideration, and ends with his ideas on how the impossible can be made possible.

I really enjoyed reading about invisibility, Teleportation, and Precognition. Did you know antielectrons are just electrons going back in time? Or that we have already created a metamaterial that is invisible to infrared ?  The book answers are deepest fantasies of future, like mind control, and playing Dr. Xavier from X-Men. Seeing phasors and starships as Class I impossibilities has made me trust in a better future, one like I see in Star Wars and Star Trek.

If you are into science fiction, and science in general, this is the book that will answer your fantasies about future. Happy Reading!

-The Cosmogasmic Person


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