The Better Way To Spend Nights

The brightest and second brightest objects in the night sky
A few moments later..

This is pretty much the scenes I am admiring before my “goodnight” sleeps. A glimpse of hell(you will know what I meant in my next post soon). Since it’s preparation leave going on for upcoming finals, with no pressure to wake up early for college, this is pretty much how my nights are being spent. I love passing out nights, sitting in my balcony, staring at the silent night sky, studying, reading and listening to music. Just wanted to share this lovely view on my blog. Nights are the best time for me to be alive. All the deep thoughts and calmness return at this hour. And as it slowly passes by, witnessing the world rise up, the birds chirping. But my favourite part is to see Venus fade away as it gets brighter. I hate to sleep at nights and miss these moments, but then waking up the next day is nothing less of an adventure, and hence I eagerly look forward to holidays, to just be awake at night. These two photos above were taken by me just thirty minutes apart by my phone. Soon I will be posting about this tiny bright dot in the sky in the picture.  Honestly, if light pollution would have been less, stars would have been like a cherry on top. Happy Reading!

-The Cosmogasmic Person


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  1. Scott Levine says:

    Great post. I love seeing the Moon in the early morning. It’s a special treat.

    Liked by 1 person

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