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Last week while surfing the net, I came across this amazing site of WorldScienceU (or World Science University). This is the result of one of Brian Greene’s really amazing “World Science Festival”, which started a decade ago. (Yes, It took me quite long to discover it for myself). This project is based on the idea to provide free and efficient knowledge to the general community, on hot scientific topics like Inflation, Black Hole Information Paradox, Mathematics In Nature, Dark Matter, Consciousness, and many many other similarly interesting topics from disciplines like physics, maths, neuroscience, chemistry, and geology. The best thing of all is that you don’t have to be a scholar of the respective disciplines to understand them. All you need is a basic understanding of school level science and mathematics.

To start you can create a free account and choose the ‘Master Courses’ you want to learn from 21 different choices. They are then added to your dashboard, where you can access them easily. The dashboard keeps a track of all your activities, how far in the course you have reached, how many assignments have you done and other activities. Every master course has lecture videos, group discussions, summary, video answers to questions relating the topic and some of them have exercises and assignments for you to solve too. One of the best part is that every topic is lectured on by some or the other eminent scientists like Sameer Mathur, Edward Frenkel, Justin Khoury, Alan Guth, Carlo Rovelli, and Andrei Linde.


Additionally you can also choose from two courses on University level, Special Relativity, and Space, Time & Einstein. These are more deeper and extensive courses, with a number of excercises for you to track how better you have learnt. The special relativity course is lectured by Brian Greene himself.


At the end of every master course, you receive a ‘Certificate Of Participation’ and at the end of an university course you receive a ‘Certificate Of  Achievement‘ (or also at the end of 75% comepletion of the assignments of the respective course). It’s quite sad that it took me years to come across this wonderful initiative. But better late than never. I have started an university course on ‘Special Relativity’. Plus a couple days ago, I finished my master course on ‘Dark Matter’ which was lectured on by Justin Khoury (who himself is researching on it, and has quite an interesting take on it). I will be writing what I learnt shortly here. After this, I have started for now two other master course, ‘Black Hole Information Paradox’ by Sameer Mathur, and ‘Mathematics In Nature’ by Edward Frenkel. Master courses are really informative but surprisingly short, compared to the university courses (nevertheless, sufficient).


So in short, if you are curious like me, and have a thing for nerdy stuff like black holes, dark matter, consciousness, inflation and so on, you should DEFINATELY visit their webpage, and also drop by the WorldScienceFestical website, if you haven’t already. Happy Reading!

-The Cosmogasmic Person.






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  1. Susan Chen says:

    Thank you for sharing this amazing site!

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