Born and brought up in a small yet incredibly beautiful valley of Dehradun, India, I completed my schooling from my hometown. Interested in the moon, the stars, and basically all of the cosmos, I had it pretty much decided what I would want to do when I grew up since childhood. My hobbies include stargazing, reading, sketching, badminton, skating, and this blog here. Science is a beautiful topic. It surrounds us. Out of all the disciplines, I am more focused on Physics. And, hopefully, one day I will find a career in the same. Right now I am pursuing Bachelors in Science- Physics(honours) from University of Calcutta, and this is my final year going on. I love reading books on science and human psychology non-fiction, but I occasionally indulge in fiction too. My favourite authors include Carl Sagan, Dr. Stephen Hawkings, John Green, Dan Brown and others of similar writings. My all-time favourite books are Cosmos and The Pale blue Dot by Carl Sagan and, Turtles All The Way Down by John Green. Most of my free time is spent thinking about reality, time, and my other versions. I strongly support a version of infinite universes/multiverse/many-worlds theory. I try my best to stay updated on the latest scientific news and talking about them and stars is my favourite pass time. If we ever meet, talk to me about dogs, books, dreams, space, and life, over coffee or, pizza and we should get along fine! To know me more hit me up on any of my social platforms, links to which are available in the main menu and the bottom of the site. Have fun reading!

“Science Enthusiast & Nerd. Organized atoms trying to understand the Cosmos while drooling for everything tasty, beside dogs in nature’s lap under stars.”